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Spring Programme

To book a place on the course please click on the course title or tutors names, which will take you to the Contacting the tutors page to make your booking. 


Drawing from Life 

9th January - 20 March. (half term 13 February)

10 am - 1 pm or 2 to 5 pm £220 for the court not including materials.

Tutors Saied Dai and Charlotte Sorapure

Intensive drawing classes for those keen to learn.  The course is aimed toward those who are looking to establish a firm and intelligent foundation for a lifetime of creative practice.


Quick Start Art™ Oil Painting Workshop

Saturday 18 Feburary , 25th March and 22nd April 10  am -5 pm 
£75 per workshop (10% discount for
returning students) materials inc.
Tutor: Rob Lunn

Capture the beauty of everyday objects in oils. Perfect for the complete beginner or experienced hobbyist, the workshop guides you through each stage of the alla prima painting process, breaking it down to easily digestible chunks. Just turn up in clothes you don't mind getting a bit messy and walk away with a painting - armed with the knowledge necessary to continue your own painting journey. Course includes a complementary full-colour handbook covering the entire workshop to enable you to carry on at home, an overview of which materials to use and why and a buyer's guide to help you make the right choices first time and save money.


 Life Drawing for All Levels

Tuesdays 10 January - 11 April

2pm – 4.30pm
£208 inc.materials exc. paper
Tutor: Felicity Bowers

This class is suitable for all abilities and provides a friendly environment that supports and encourages absolute beginners, creatively challenges those who want to improve their drawing and gives a framework for artists who want to further their creative practice. 


Drawing a Head 

Saturday 4th February  10.30 - 4.30 £40 inc. materials exc paper

This workshop looks at ways of drawing the model's head.  Whilst not a portrait class as such, we will discover the structures underlying the face which govern the placing of the features. 

Tutor: Felicity Bowers

Life Drawing and Painting Workshop

4th March 10.30 - 4.30 £40 inc materials

A Whole day working from the model with the majority of the day taken up with one pose, enabling time to paint in a variety of media or to develop a drawing further.

Tutor : Felcity Bowers


Printmaking by Hand

1st April 10 30 to 4 30 pm £43 inc materials 

Explore the art of printmaking with a minimum of equipment.  You can make beautiful prints using just hand pressure with no need for a press.

Tutor: Felicity Bowers


Life Drawing and Painting Class

Mondays 9th January to 31st April 7pm – 9.30pm

£12.00 per class not inc. materials
Tutor: Charlotte Edge

A class based around poses of two or three weeks duration commencing with a warm up of quick work.  Individual tutoring available.  All absilities invited to this conscientious and welcoming class


Long Pose Class

Tuesdays 10 January - 4th April .  10 am - 1 pm 

£10 per session materials not inc.
Tutor: Sue Larner

This is an untutored friendly life drawing class. The Life Model holds the one pose for one whole session and is heavily lit. All abilities are welcome. No need to book, this is a drop in class. Bring your own materials.

Life Sculpture

Wednesdays 11th January to 5th April

10am - 1 pm or 1.45 - 4.45 pm  £198 + £12 materials 
Tutor: Sue Larner

The life model holds one pose for 3-4 weeks. Clay, direct ciment fondu and wire are used to discover the human form in three dimensions. We will

also tackle the portrait head, the relief and casting.  Beginners welcome. 


Wednesdays 11th January - 5th April

6.30 pm - 9.30 pm £132 + £16 materials

This is an untutored sculpture class for experienced sculptors wanting to experiment using the human form as a starting point

Tutor : Sue Larner


Drawing for Absolute Beginners

Fridays 10th February to 31st March  10 am - 12.30 pm £190.00 

In a friendly atmosphere, with plenty on one to one tuition, these classes focus on the development of observational skills, whilst introducing a wide variety of media

Tutor : Lucinda Burgess


The Art of Portraiture

5th January to 23rd March 10 - 1 pm   £12 per class (not inc materials)

A structured course in Portraiture working form the model; progressing from drawing (structure and porportion) through to full painting.  Building upa portrait painting from drawing and tonal under painting, through to full colour will be demonstrated.  A list of the materials required for each stage of the course will be forwarded to students.


Tutor Michael Chaitow


The Light Joyousness of Springtime: Where do images from from?

18th March 10.30 am to 4.30 am £50 inc materials

Come from under the hibernating blanket of winter and play with colourful tissue papers to discover new images and stories.  booking before hand essential. 


Tutor Caroline Waterlow


The Poetics of Space : Workshop Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March 10 until 4 pm Cost £80.00  Contact and booking

A two day art/writing workshop that will explore the relationship between poetics and space through discussion, presentation and practice.  We will be writing and creating new visual  work and performance by looking at writing on/about/over/in space and using the the Roper Gallery as a source of what space might 'say' poetcially and visually.



 Trevor Lillstone and Lorna Bode.  Simple throwing and handbuiilding workshops.  At least 2 pots fired and glazed for you.

Tutor: Trevor Lillistone  


Creative Ceramics with Lorna Bode

Flexible dates and times; £20 per hour
Tutor: Lorna Bode

Lorna provides individual or group tuition in a variety of hand building techniques. Come and play with clay. You can learn slabbing, coiling and use moulds to make objects. Prices include all materials and firing. 




Tutor - Funky Art House

Each Term Pupils will have the opportuity to explore a different area of art and design. Artistic topics include drawing, painting, textiles, clay, paper-crafts,illustration, architecture animation, print and more.  Pupils will learn new skills, investigate a number of artists and designers work and creative professions and document their creastions in their own sketchbook.  Students will also get the chance to visit art exhibitions, enter art competitions and exhibiti their own work in art showcases.  The course covers more advanced projecs and processes. 

Children's After School Art Club Ages 7-11

Every Tuesday 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm 10 January - 4th April 

Every Thursday 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm 12 January - 6th April

£66 for the full term inc materials



Children's Saturday Art Club, Ages 7-11

January 14th, 28th, 4th February, 4th March 18th March and 1st April.

11am - 12.30 pm £54 for the full term inc materials


Saturday Art Club Ages 11 - 14

Same dates as 7-11 Age group however classes start at 1.30 pm until 3 pm

£63 for full term inc materials


Saturday Art Club, Ages 14-17

Same dates as 7-11 age group however classes start at 3.30 - 5 £54 for full term to inc materials

Art classes for older teens interested in extending their creative studies.  Students will cover a number of mediums- clay, textiles, print, painting etc to give the pupils a change to develop a range of creative skills.  Alongside this , the tutor will also cover skills which will enhance GCSE and A Level studies such as drawing and documentation skills.  The tutor will also give guidance on skills needed to the GCSE/A Level syllabus such as researching and taking inspiration from other artists' (Please note you do not need to be taking GCSE or A Level art/photography to join this group but do need to be 14)

Children's and Teen February Half Term

14th February - 17th February Tues and Wed 7+, Thurs & Fri 11+ 9.30 - 3.30

Children's Art Club £35 per day inc materials

Teen Art Club £38 per day inc materials


To explore a variety of arts and crafts in a real Artists' Studios Centre.  Pupils will learn about local and historical artists and take inspiration from these to produce their own unqiue pieces of Art.  Teen Art Club covers more advances artistic techniques and projects.


Children's and Teen Easter Art Workshop

10th April - 13th April Mon and Tues 7+, Wed & Thurs 11+ 9.30 am to 3.30 pm 

Children Art Club £35 per day inc materials

Teen Art Club £38 per day inc materials